Careful studies and research in this area have shown that LMS systems are very expensive and were the tool is affordable, the system functionalities are not convincing to serve the needs of a proper training environment. Moreover, companies spend significant amounts of time, wasting productive time in implementing LMS systems due to their “supposed” complexities.

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Getting started

We are glad to change this mind set and to offer a classic LMS system anchored on the following principles


-Learners can be assessed on all aspects trained
-Training institution can set automated assessments for learners that are automatically/manually marked
-Trainers can set the behaviors of the assessments
-Question types are many and trainer can choose appropriate question types

-The trainer can upload documents for each subject that should be trained
-Trainer can create topics under a subject and load documents accordingly
-Students can download any material that the trainer exposes
-PDFs, Word Docs, Excel and other can be uploaded for leaners

-Trainers who are good with authoring courses can create interactive content in the system that learners can interact with in gaining specific knowledge.
-Content does not need to always be static but can be interactive

-System can have a Manager, who is responsible for managing rights for various people globally and configuring the system were required
-The trainer who can edit content
-The trainer who can’t edit content
-The learner

-Trainers can send group communication to the class via system
-Manager can help the teachers with creation of course folders, categories etc
-Teacher can appraise students by giving badges for good performance
-Teacher has access to assessments for each of the student in their class

-Questions can be loaded in one area for each subject and teacher can select and randomize their behavior
-Content can be also reused with proper controls in place.

-Trainer can connect you-tube videos and other related internet videos from the system
-The trainer can also link websites that are relevant for learners
-Trainer can also upload the videos from computer system or some video storage location
-NB: Its not recommended to upload the videos directly into the system as it finishes the space for other critical activities

-Providing students with ownership of their leaning through taking alternate selves
-Giving the learners the opportunity to fail and try again to a point of mastery.
-Providing learners a manageable set of tasks and subtasks,
-Below are some of the functional capabilities:
-Progress mechanics (/badges/leaderboards)
-Narrative and characters
-Immediate feedback
-Opportunities for collaborative problem solving
-Scaffolded learning with increasing challenges
-Opportunities for mastery, and leveling up

-Set up blogs
-Set up forums’
-Notification Engine.
-Adding users
-Creating reports
-Password setups
-Import & Exporting files
-Set Calendars & Meetings
-Set Events

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