Training and Development During the Pandemic

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Training and Development During the Pandemic and The Need For A Learner management system (LMS) In Organizations.

Training and development is an integral ongoing aspect in organizations and with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, organizations need to be agile and resilient in order to keep this aspect ongoing as it is key to their success and in adapting with the inevitable changes in the business environment.

As firms scrambled to adapt, we saw a rise in the use of virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams and these being important, did not fully suffice or rather, encompass all there is to online learning, hence the need for a comprehensive eLearning tool which comes with assessments, interactive elements such as gamifications, simulation models and scenario case videos which are vividly visual and more engaging and these have so far proven to be vital in boosting engagement, focus and understanding. Reports and Analytics also enable the Training Director/Management to track the performance of the trainers as well as their training history and overall performance.

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Virtual learning and development enables training which was mainly done physically within the offices, to be effectively conducted online and the employees cannot help but enjoy the flexibility and convenience this brings. It has become vital for any thriving organisation to have an LMS in place to enable learning and development even out of office, since some firms have employees working fully from home. Training, as part of the strategy of growing organizations, has to adapt to the modern changes and align with the current trends in the business world. Does your organization has a Learning Management System and has it made the learning and development journey enjoyable?

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