How COVID-19 and Lockdown Restrictions Paved A Way For Online Education

Covid-19 How to take advantage of covid-19

How the Emergence of COVID-19 and Lockdown Restrictions Paved A Way For Online Education

In this era of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, most institutions and schools are finding it difficult to conduct training and development sessions, normal class sessions on a regular basis as before and apparently, this affects the students, the existing educational delivery models are weakened and the physical #learning #schools infrastructure therefore cannot offer its highest form of effectiveness due to the capacity limitations brought about by the lockdown restrictions.

These current disruptions and changes in our way of living brought about by COVID-19 have necessitated the need for a #virtualclassroom education or #elearningdevelopment platforms, as they say “necessity is the mother of invention”. This innovation enables the integration of physical classroom elements into an online platform which comprehensively comes with a menu and various features for easier flexibility and convenience.

Covid-19 How to take advantage of covid-19
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The #learningmanagementsystem is the current big thing in education right now, does your institution or school have one?…If not, what are you waiting for, contact us for an #lmssoftware which can bring effectiveness in your learning, bringing about a #blendedlearning approach as well as the #flippedclassroom which have proven benefits in boosting the effectiveness of learning. # Online education in South Africa

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